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February 21, 2020

MVPs and the need for measure testing participation

Beginning in performance year 2021, CMS will begin MIPS Value Pathways as an alternative reporting option to traditional MIPS reporting and participation in an Advanced Payment Model (APM).
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What are MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs)?

The MVP is designed to reduce the reporting burden on providers by building a more cohesive framework resulting in fewer measures and activities based on specialty and/or outcomes. The intent is to simplify the process, designed to increase the voice of the patient, increase the use of CMS provided data and to move providers toward APMs.

For more information, CMS has provided several examples of how they envision MVPs to function next year.

Why should I Care?

Through the MVP, CMS plans to link several measures and activities together to determine your performance score as a gastroenterologist, however, your score will likely be a result of measures and activities that ancillary to gastroenterology as a specialty. Following the publication of the 2019 final rule, CMS reduced the number of measures specific to gastroenterology by 22 percent for the 2020 program year. Since 2014, CMS has reduced the number of measures specific to gastroenterology by 60 percent from a high of 18 and a low of seven. If this trajectory continues, gastroenterology will no longer be evaluated as a specialty, but against other providers and disciplines that are ancillary to the core work of the gastroenterologist. Your option to choose to be evaluated against other gastroenterologists is dwindling.

CMS also requires that all new measures submitted for consideration in MIPS for future reporting years be tested for feasibility and reliability prior to submission. This means new measures that are specific to gastroenterology will not be available for more than two years from the time that they are proposed for inclusion in MIPS.

What can I do?

AGA continues to lead quality measure development through the work of the Quality Committee to help give you the option to choose measures that are important to you. Participate now in AGA’s measure testing collaborative to help replenish some of the measures that are important gastroenterology, helping your fellow gastroenterologist into the future.

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