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Get Involved with AGA

Your support can help us achieve our vision: a world free from digestive diseases.

There are many ways you can get involved with AGA. By serving in a volunteer leadership role you can make a real difference for patients by advocating for their needs, all while advancing the GI field and making lifelong friends. 

Ways to get involved

AGA diversity statement

AGA welcomes volunteers who bring diversity across all dimensions, including (but not limited to) gender, race and ethnicity, geography, sexual identity, practice setting, diverse perspectives and institution type, who are committed to supporting AGA’s diversity policy and advancing AGA’s commitment to the Equity Project.

Volunteer positions

Help shape future AGA strategic initiatives by serving in a multi-year leadership role.

AGA Institute Chairs and Vice Chairs

AGA maintains a council to address the diverse needs and specialties of its members. The AGA Institute Council is comprised of elected representatives from 13 special interest groups — called sections — within AGA membership. Each section is led by a chair and vice chair who serve two-year terms in each position. Nominations for vice chair and nominating committee members are held within six to seven sections each year. Elections are held in spring.

AGA Institute Council Section Nominating Committees

The winners of the election for Nominating Committee meet by teleconference to finalize the ballot of the nominated candidates for vice chair and for the nominating committee in the following section election. It is chaired by the immediate past chair of the section.

AGA Abstract Review for DDW

Each year the AGA Council invites members and non-members to review the submitted science and help the council identify the science that should be presented at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) as either oral or poster presentations, as well as which submissions are not appropriate for presentations either due to quality or previous publication/presentation. Reviewers are recruited in the spring and early summer. Invitations for reviewers go out in August and the review happens in early December. 

Each year, we select approximately 80 new members to join approximately 20 committees and center advisory boards. Nominations from other members are accepted but not required — self-nomination is very common. Committee membership terms are two years, with a potential third-year renewal. Applications are due by Nov. 1 each year for terms beginning on June 1.

The AGA Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting members to serve on the governing board and the following year’s committee. Two committee positions are designated for early-career members, defined as members in practice or research who are less than 10 years out of fellowship. Another eight members are selected for an election slate. Four of the eight are then elected by AGA membership to serve the following year. Nominations are open from Aug. 1 to Oct. 1 each year. Terms are for one year only.

Each year, depending on the year, a vice president and two or three councillors are selected to serve on the governing board. Every five years, a secretary-treasurer elect is also selected. There are currently 13 positions on the AGA Institute Governing Board. These positions are eligible for self-nomination. Nominations are open from Aug. 1 to Oct. 1 each year. Learn more about attributes that will help you be successful as a volunteer leader. Most terms are three years.

AGA’s Congressional Advocate Program creates a national grassroots network of engaged gastroenterologists interested in advocating for our profession and patients. Congressional Advocates are mentored and receive advocacy training by AGA leadership and staff. New members are accepted on a rolling basis — sign up to become a Congressional Advocate.


For  GIs looking to get involved, we offer short-term opportunities that will fit into your busy schedule.

AGA Career Compass is the app helping fellows in training and postdoctoral fellows navigate through each career stage with resources and mentorship. Join other experienced and emerging leaders keen to share their expertise and guide the future of the field. Download the app to become a mentor in Connections Corner, which matches early career members with more experienced colleagues based on shared interests, experiences and needs. Learn more.
The AGA Young Delegates are a group of engaged early career GI professionals representing AGA on a variety of short-term initiatives. We keep Young Delegates apprised of new volunteer opportunities that require less time, or are “smaller asks” for participants, who already lead busy lives but want to engage with AGA. This program accepts new participants year-round — sign up to become a Young Delegate.

Leadership development

AGA has several programs designed to prepare you for future leadership roles, within AGA and the field.

The Future Leaders Program provides a pathway within the organization for selected participants to network, connect with mentors, develop leadership skills, and learn about AGA’s governance and operations while advancing their careers and supporting the profession. We accept applications every other year for this 15-month program. 

Funded by NIH, the AGA FORWARD Program supports underrepresented minority physician scientists. The FORWARD Program allows participants to develop their leadership skills, strengthen their research and management skills with mentorship from top GI investigators, and network with underrepresented minority leaders who are shaping the future of academic medicine. 

Since 2014, the Women’s Leadership Conference has brought together women from a variety of work settings to develop and leverage the skills of both early career and accomplished women in GI. This exclusive event for the women of AGA is an empowering experience that will help you grow professionally, personally and maximize your impact in the field along the way. 

Expanded to six events in 2024, each workshop is a unique opportunity to network with woman leaders in GI. Attend in-person or online!

This is a one-year program preparing early career GIs for future leadership positions in scientific publishing. Editorial fellowships are offered at AGA’s journals Gastroenterology, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH), Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CMGH) and Techniques and Innovations in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (TIGE). Up to two members are selected per journal per year.