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AGA Governing Board Nominations

There are multiple positions on the AGA Institute Governing Board that are eligible for self-nomination each year. Nominations are open from Aug. 1 to Oct. 1

AGA diversity statement

AGA commits to seating governing board members who bring diversity across all dimensions, including (but not limited to) gender, race and ethnicity, geography, sexual identity, practice setting, diverse perspectives and institution type, who are committed to supporting AGA’s diversity policy and advancing AGA’s commitment to the Equity Project.

AGA seeks individuals who will bring enthusiasm, a deep commitment and experience both in AGA and other organizational environments to serve on AGA’s governing board.

Key attributes of governing board candidates:

Leadership experience

Governing board service requires an understanding of AGA’s vision and mission and the digestive health/healthcare ecosystems. Successful candidates will demonstrate a track record of meaningful service to AGA and other organizations.

Courage to express dissent

Applicants should be comfortable presenting an alternate viewpoint, and have the humility to learn and change their mind when presented with compelling information or perspectives.

Commitment to long-term thinking and foresight

Applicants for the governing board must demonstrate an ability to think first about the long-term interests of AGA, its stakeholders and successors.

Effective collaborator and compassionate listener

Applicants for the governing board must demonstrate an ability to operate within and strengthen the board’s team dynamic through collaboration with their peers, staff partners and other diverse contributors and commit to focused listening as an essential capability of collaboration.