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AGA’s ability to implement its strategic plan and effectively serve its members is due in large part to the work of its committees. AGA’s committee structure enables volunteer members to play an active role in the association’s decision-making process. 

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Chair: Lawrence Kim, MD, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Celena NuQuay

Chair: Vijaya Rao, MD
Staff Liaison: Chris Bluhm

Chair: Siddharth Singh, MD
Staff Liaison: Alison Kim
Chair: Jana Al Hashash, MD, MSc, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Nelly Atarodian
Chair: Joan A. Culpepper-Morgan, MD
Staff Liaison: Mingo Grant
Co-chairs: Arthur DeCross, MD, AGAF and Brijen J. Shah, MD, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Tamara Jones
Chair: Vijaya Rao, MD
Staff Liaison: John Levinson
Chair: John Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Chris Bluhm
Chair: Shazia M. Siddique, MD
Staff Liaison: Kathleen Teixeira
Chair: Barbara H. Jung, MD, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Germaine Graham
Chair: Peter S. Margolis, MD, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Sarah Heckman
Chair: C. Mel Wilcox, MD
Staff Liaison: Janine McKenna
Chair: Jennifer K. Maratt, MD
Staff Liaison: David Godzina
Chair: Ma Somsouk, MD, MAS, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Nick Tomeo
Chair: William A. Faubion, MD
Staff Liaison: Nick Tomeo
Chair: Stephanie D. Pointer, MD
Staff Liaison: Mingo Grant
Chair: Aimee L. Lucas, MD, MS, AGAF
Staff Liaison: Mingo Grant

The AGA Governing Board adopted a policy on disclosure of potential conflict of interest to minimize conflicts of interest at all levels of AGA leadership to secure both institutional credibility and to protect AGA and individuals involved in governance. The policy applies to every person appointed or elected to leadership positions, and you should be familiar with it prior to applying to serve as an AGA volunteer.