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AGA Trainee and Early Career Committee

This Organizational Statement was revised by the AGA Governing Board, (12) VOTED, November 2016.


To further the Strategic Plan by advising the governing board, committees and staff on ways to enhance the value of membership to trainees and GIs who are in their first five years out of fellowship training.

Committee Functions

The specific charge of the committee is to:

  • Work with the AGA Institute Education and Training Committee to develop education programs, products and services that meet the unique educational needs of individuals during and directly after their fellowship training.
  • Work with the AGA Institute Practice Management and Economics Committee to develop programs, products and services that will help early career GIs transition out of fellowship into practice.
  • Consult with other committees as needed regarding how committee programs can enhance the value of AGA to trainees and early career GIs.
  • Provide oversight for the trainee listserv.
  • Provide advice and feedback to staff on the recruitment and retention of trainees and early career GIs.
  • Assist staff with new member orientation for trainee members.

Committee Chair Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Previous experience as an AGA/AGA Institute committee member.
  • Be within five years of fellowship graduation at the beginning of the term as chair.
  • Provides leadership and oversight of committee activities.
  • Convenes and directs meetings and teleconferences of the committee; assigns members to ad hoc or standing subcommittees as needed.
  • Serves as a liaison to the AGA Institute Leadership Cabinet.
  • Works with staff to ensure that committee projects and activities are carried out in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Works with staff to prepare meeting agendas, minutes and reports.
  • Evaluates the performance of committee members.

Committee Structure

The committee consists of 12 members (including a chair). It includes the trainees/early career GI members of the following ten AGA/AGA Institute committees: clinical guidelines, diversity, education and training, government affairs, international, practice management and economics, publications, quality measures, research policy and women’s. It also includes a postdoctoral fellow. A member of the governing board (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall serve as the liaison to the committee and shall attend all committee meetings; additional members of the governing board (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall be assigned as team members to the committee but are not intended to attend any committee meetings. A chair-elect (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall be appointed one year before the end of the term of the chair.


The committee is authorized to hold two face-to-face meetings per year, one in September and one at Digestive Disease Week®, and teleconferences as needed.


  • Stephanie D. Pointer, MD (chair)
  • Kim Barrett, PhD, AGAF (governing board liaison)
  • Cassandra Fritz, MD
  • John P. Haydek, MD
  • Jeremy Louissaint, MD
  • Anna Silverman, MD
  • Kira Newman, MD, PhD
  • Amanda Krause, MD
  • Omeed Alipour, MD
  • Frederick Peng, MD
  • Margaret Zhou, MD