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AGA Institute Clinical Guidelines Committee

This Organizational Statement was last revised by the AGA Institute Governing Board, (5) VOTED, February 2022.


The specific mission of the committee is to (1) develop/revise evidence-based clinical guidance documents, clinical algorithms, etc., for clinicians with respect to the management and treatment of patients with various digestive diseases and conditions; and (2) develop clinical decision tools and patient education materials based on clinical practice guidelines.

Committee Structure

The committee consists of 14 members (including a chair), plus two trainees. The chairs of the AGA Institute Practice Management and Economics Committee and the AGA Institute Quality Committee (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall be ex-officio members of the committee. A councilor (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall serve as the governing board’s liaison to the committee and shall attend all committee meetings; additional members of the governing board (who shall not count against the maximum membership) may be assigned as team members to the committee but are not intended to attend any committee meetings. A chair-elect (who shall not count against the maximum membership) shall be appointed one year before the end of the term of the chair.

Appointment terms of all committee members shall be for two years, with the opportunity to be renewed for an additional year based on attendance and performance. One-third of the maximum terms shall expire annually.

The committee chair is authorized to create small, temporary subgroups consisting of member and nonmembers of the committee to address specific issues within the committee’s mission. Costs of all such subgroups must be included in the committee’s approved budget.



A physician who:

  • Has extensive knowledge and experience in the management of a clinical practice, ideally in both academic and private practice settings.
  • Understands medical practice guideline concepts and issues (e.g., principles of evidence-based medicine).
  • Has previously served on an AGA/AGA Institute committee, task force or in Clinical Practice Section activities.
  • A majority of representation from private and academic practice.
  • Members should have expertise in the development and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and “best practices” into practice, the application of evidence-based medicine principles, and familiarity with the principles of evidence-based medicine and concepts related to practice management.

Committee Functions

  • Implement and monitor a standard process for development of practice guidelines/standards of practice and topics and set priorities for their development.
  • Provide information and resources to members to enable them to incorporate the best evidenced-based medicine into practice.
  • Implement relevant strategic directions from the Strategic Plan assigned to the committee and review the Strategic Plan to determine new and better ways to achieve association goals per governing board policy.
  • Provide input on strategic trends and opportunities and suggest adjustments to the Strategic Plan for the chair to communicate to the AGA Institute Leadership Cabinet and the AGA Institute Governing Board.
  • Perform other functions as assigned by the governing board.


The committee is authorized to hold two face-to-face meetings per year, one in September and one at DDW®, and teleconferences as needed.


  • Siddharth Singh, MD (chair)
  • Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH, AGAF (governing board liaison)
  • Ashwin Ananthakrishnan, MD, MPH
  • Ruben Hernaez, MD, MPH, PhD
  • Shazia M. Siddique, MD
  • Manasi Agrawal, MD
  • Osama Altayar, MD
  • Peter S. Liang, MD, MPH
  • Alejandro Piscoya, MD, AGAF
  • Tarek Sawas, MD, MPH
  • Tracey G. Simon, MD
  • Shailendra Singh, MD
  • James Buxbaum, MD, AGAF
  • Katarina Greer, MD
  • David A. Leiman, MD, MSHP
  • Frank Scott, MD, MSCE
  • John P. Haydek, MD (trainee member)
  • Margaret Zhou, MD (trainee member)
  • Jenny Maratt, MD (ex-officio)