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October 9, 2018

MOC update: GI societies and ABIM explore new recertification pathway

AGA is committed to making recertification less burdensome for GIs. After a productive meeting between the GI societies and ABIM, we're hopeful a new, more flexible pathway is on the horizon.

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We Heard You


The four major physician organizations in gastroenterology and hepatology — AGA, AASLD, ACG and ASGE — share a fundamental commitment to an efficient, clinically relevant and impactful process for the demonstration of ongoing learning and maintenance of specialty board certification for gastroenterologists and hepatologists.


Inspired by our shared objective to create an alternative to the current ABIM 10-year exam and upcoming two-year check-in, the four societies have collaborated to explore alternatives that are less onerous, more relevant, less costly and less time consuming. We look forward to working to achieve this objective for all of GI and hepatology.


Finding A Path Forward on MOC for GI & Hepatology


On Oct. 4, the four societies met with the leadership of ABIM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and presented concepts focusing on a flexible model that can provide a path forward, allowing members of our specialties and subspecialties to focus on knowledge that is relevant to their practice and choose the path that best fits their personal needs.


The GI societies and ABIM agreed to work together to explore the development of a third option for MOC.


Guided by Core Principles


In working together to develop an alternative to MOC, the four GI societies are guided by these core principles embraced by our organizations several years ago:


    • MOC needs to be simpler, less intrusive and less expensive.


    • We continue to support alternatives to the high-stakes, every-10-year recertification exam.


    • We do not support single source or time-limited assessments, as they do not represent the current realities of medicine in the digital age.


    • We support the concept that, for the many diplomates who specialize within certain areas of gastroenterology and hepatology, MOC should not include high-stakes assessments of areas in which the diplomate may not practice.


    • We support the principles of lifelong learning, as evidenced by ongoing CME activities, rather than lifelong testing.



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