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July 14, 2020

Build your network, lean on your committee and colleagues

We can’t wait until we can network in-person again, at events like Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) and the AGA Postgraduate Course. We know you miss human interaction too!
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In the meantime, the AGA Trainee & Early Career Committee is hosting an online networking event this week on AGA Community to connect trainee and early career members during COVID times.

“How has COVID-19 affected the choice of current GI fellows to undertake an advanced fellowship?”

One third-year fellow responded that it hasn’t affected his decision at all, and that the video conferencing has made training easier.

Raj Shah, MD, a member of the committee, entered the advanced endoscopy fellowship match just prior to the pandemic. He said he wouldn’t have changed his decision, which was based on hopeful thinking that circumstances would improve prior to starting his advanced fellowship.

  • “It would be good to hear from people who have just started advanced fellowship during the pandemic to see how they are being affected!”

Share your experience.

“How has COVID19 affected your training/work as a fellow or early career GI?”

Meet Peter Liang, MD, MPH, assistant professor at NYU and chair of the Trainee & Early Career Committee. He and the committee wanted to create an event replacing the annual TEC networking session at DDW, bringing to the table a variety of topics that would be of interest to trainees and those early in their careers.

He describes the quick transition made by his team and fellows to fill the gaps in the medical community when the COVID crisis first hit. With New York City being affected early, his research was put on hold and they were deployed to non-GI work as hospitalists and in the intensive care unit.

  • “For fellows: are you concerned about how this impacts your GI or endoscopic training? How are you or your program responding to a decrease in procedural volume?”
  • “For early career folks: how has this affected your practice or research? Are you getting any support from your partners or institution?”

Respond and introduce yourself to the group.

Get started by introducing yourself

The best way to start building your network is to dip your toes in the pool. Join the discussion by sharing your experiences or questions around topics like work-life balance, research funding, advanced fellowships or adjusting to a new normal within your community.

The Roundtable ends July 19 — network by responding to questions that are posted, posting a question, liking replies, adding colleagues as contacts or sending private messages.

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