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Due Oct. 1: AGA leadership nominations

The AGA Nominating Committee, chaired by Hashem El-Serag, MD, AGAF, is currently seeking candidates for the AGA Governing Board and nominees for the 2021-2022 AGA Nominating Committee.
Elements of leadership to success concept, Hand holding wood block with icon leader business, copy space.
Elements of leadership to success concept, Hand holding wood block with icon leader business, copy space.

AGA members are encouraged to submit nominations to ensure that the most qualified and committed candidates are selected to serve as AGA leaders. Nominate yourself or one of your colleagues. Nominations (name and position) can be submitted via email to the AGA National OfficeNominations must be submitted by Oct. 1.

Each member may nominate one person per available board position, as well as an early career member of the nominating committee, and up to eight additional members of the nominating committee.

Qualified nominees must be current AGA members for a minimum of five years and have had prior or current involvement or service in AGA activities. These requirements do not apply to those nominated to the nominating committee who are within 10 years of completing their GI fellowship training in either private practice, or basic or clinical research in an academic setting. Diversity in nominations is sought. Only full members are eligible for governing board positions. Full and senior members may be considered for the nominating committee. Current nominating committee members are not eligible for any nomination being sought.

Vice President

The AGA Institute vice president is elected for a one-year term and succeeds automatically to the office of president-elect, the office of president, and then to past president, serving one year in each office. The vice president serves as a member of the AGA Institute Finance and Operations, Appointments and Executive Compensation Committees, and as vice chair-elect of the AGA Governing Board.


The AGA secretary/treasurer is an elected officer of AGA and sits on the governing board, executive committee and chairs the finance and operations committee. Upon election, the secretary/treasurer serves as the secretary/treasurer-elect for a one-year term. He/she then serves as the secretary/treasurer for a four-year term. Upon expiration of this term, the secretary/treasurer remains on the AGA Finance and Operations Committee for an additional four years. This position is also responsible for overseeing balloting for officers and the AGA Nominating Committee among other responsibilities.


AGA/AGA Institute councillors are elected from the membership for three-year terms. Councillors also serve as liaisons to an assigned committee(s) focusing on a specific area of the Strategic Plan.

  • Clinical research councillor

    The clinical research councillor should be actively engaged in clinical research in a health care institution.

  • Practice councillor

    The practice councillor should be either a private practice physician or in an employed practice physician model.

AGA Nominating Committee

AGA Nominating Committee members serve for one year and are responsible for selecting future officers and councillors for the AGA/AGA Institute as well as the members who are placed on the ballot for election to the AGA Nominating Committee for the following year. The AGA Nominating Committee is comprised of 12 members: the chair of the AGA Governing Board (chair); the AGA Institute president; six members elected from a ballot of 10 candidates and, four members selected by the AGA Governing Board. Practice members, and members who are within 10 years of completing their fellowship training in private practice, or in basic or clinical research in an academic setting, are encouraged to apply.

Nominate yourself or one of your colleagues. Nominations (name and position) can be submitted via email to the AGA National Office. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Oct. 1, 2020.

Other open nomination cycles

AGA is also currently soliciting nominations for AGA committees and AGA Institute Council section leadership. Both are accepting nominations until Nov. 1, 2020.

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