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On a daily basis, AGA and our members are working to advance public policies that support the science and practice of gastroenterology.

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AGA is working to protect our profession and its patients by ensuring the voice of GI is heard on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies and in the Administration. We advocate for you and your patients — find out how you can get involved in our work.

Our top priorities

View our top issues below and learn more about current legislation that affects you, your practice and your patients.

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Every month, AGA members get an inside look at what’s going on in Washington and how AGA advocates are influencing legislation that affects our patients and gastroenterology as a whole.

Coalitions we work with

The Alliance of Specialty Medicine (the Alliance) is a coalition of national medical societies representing specialty physicians in the United States. This non-partisan group is dedicated to the development of sound federal health care policy that fosters patient access to the highest quality specialty care.

An advocacy organization comprised of the major national voluntary and professional societies concerned with digestive diseases. The DDNC focuses on improving public policy and increasing public awareness with respect to diseases of the digestive system.

NCCRT is dedicated to reducing the incidence of and mortality from colorectal cancer in the U.S., through coordinated leadership, strategic planning and advocacy.

A coalition of patient and voluntary health groups, medical and scientific societies, academic and research organizations, and industry that support enhancing the federal investment in the biomedical, behavioral and population-based research conducted and supported by the NIH.

A forum for the exchange of ideas between the American College of Physicians and subspecialty societies on matters affecting medicine in general and subspecialty societies in particular. The Council of Subspecialty Societies consists of members of societies representing the subspecialties of internal medicine.

AMA’s mission is to help physicians achieve their goal of providing affordable and valuable health care to patients.

FOVA is a diverse coalition representing national academic, medical and scientific societies; voluntary health and patient advocacy groups; and veteran-focused associations. Among its many activities, FOVA members regularly brief members of Congress on the funding needs of health care and research at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), raise awareness of VA’s medical care and research programs, and host special events that highlight VA research successes.

The mission of the PIPC is to advance the principles of patient-centeredness in an evolving health care system.

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Prior authorization delays care

AGA is committed to reducing these burdens on physicians and patients.