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Women in GI Innovation

Drs. Amrita Sethi and Mythili Prabhu Pathipati are on the podcast to discuss how to bring innovation into your clinical practice.
Small Talks, Big GI Topics
Small Talks, Big GI Topics

In this episode of the AGA podcast Small Talk, Big Topics, sponsored by Medtronic, our hosts Drs. Nina Nandy and CS Tse are joined by guests Drs. Amrita Sethi and Mythili Pathipati. Amrita is the director of interventional endoscopy and president of Women in Endoscopy. Mythili is the co-founder of MGH House Staff Innovation Studio. Both are members of the AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology. In this episode, the two guests take the time to share their knowledge on the importance of technology and innovation in the field of GI.

The episode begins with CS asking the guests to share about their lives and career paths. Amrita shares about her current position as associate professor of medicine at Columbia University, along with the doctors who influenced her life and career. Mythili then shares about her career journey and passion for innovation and technology. She has been able to pursue this passion by having the opportunity to validate types of technology through spending time in the labs, and through teaching technology and innovation through the founding of MGH House Studio Innovation.

Next, the hosts ask about the importance of innovation and its influence on the medical field. Mythili explains how innovation is what moves medicine forward. The purpose of innovation is to find solutions to problems. She goes on to explain that finding the solutions begins with asking people questions and pinpointing the needs they have. The next step is innovation and finding ways to solve the problems. Amrita agrees with Mythili in innovation being a key way to progress in new technology and fight diseases. She adds that innovation is simply not being willing to settle with what you have, but always looking for ways to make things better.

Going off of the importance of innovation, they then move the conversation to some needs in GI that innovation could help solve. Amriti and Mythili both speak on the growth of artificial intelligence and new technologies which have the ability to make things better and solve problems. They speak about the AGA Tech Summit, which is a curriculum where innovation is center. It provides opportunities for people to come together and practice innovation. Another area they looked at was finding ways to overcome the challenges women face in the field of GI. They share two essential keys for this: the importance of finding mentors and of making connections through networking.

Innovation is an important practice to be a part of, and Mythili and Amrita spend some time sharing ideas on how to become involved in innovation. The first piece of advice is to get exposure through institutional resources, medical school programs, and different curriculum. Secondly, it is also important to get hands on experience which can come through research projects. Mythili takes time to explain how MGH House Studio Innovation can provide these kinds of resources and experiences for people interested in innovation. Amrita also shares about Women in Endoscopy and what it has to offer. Women in Endoscopy has the goal of helping promote women through education, leadership skills, and networking. She encourages both men and women to learn from Women in Endoscopy and use it as a way to make connections and practice collaboration with others.

Lastly, CS asks the guests to talk about the application of AI. They both point out how AI is starting to show promise in clinical settings and is growing in the ways it is applied. One such way is through training, specifically in how it can be applied to the recent move to online training. Another aspect is in how AI is received in the medical field. They speak on the importance of communicating the value of this new innovation to help highlight the positive aspects it can bring.

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