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Small Talk, Big Topics bonus holiday episode

Join our hosts Drs. Matthew Whitson, Nina Nandy and CS Tse as they discuss holiday plans, scoping playlists, upcoming podcast guests, and much more.
Small Talks, Big GI Topics
Small Talks, Big GI Topics

In this bonus holiday episode of the AGA podcast Small Talk, Big Topics, our hosts Drs. Matthew Whitson, Nina Nandy, and CS Tse are all on the episode answering questions you maybe have always wondered about.

Our hosts share some personal stories about holiday and family traditions that they love and how this year looks different due to the pandemic. Some of their favorite meals with friends, dishes to have, and gift traditions as well. You get a real insight into the personal sides of all three of our hosts.

If you ever wondered their “walk into the endoscopy suite music” as if they were a pitcher walking to the plate, this is the episode you were waiting for. They drop in some of their favorite songs and music selections.

Our hosts wrap up this special episode talking about their favorite things about 2020. Their favorite episodes they have done, what are some of the new things ahead for 2021 with guests, topics, and just overall what they are looking forward to most (other than the pandemic ending).

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