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John’s top 5: What every AGA member needs to know 

View highlights and a video update from AGA President John Carethers, MD.
AGA President John Carethers July Update
AGA President John Carethers July Update
  • WE DID IT! CRC screening coverage continuum is complete. 

    In a huge win for patients, Medicare will begin covering colonoscopies after a positive non-invasive stool test starting next year. Medicare was previously the only insurer who did not cover this critical prevention procedure. 
    We all know there is more to advocate for — prior authorization challenges, fair reimbursement, research funding are top of my mind. Mark your calendar to join me for AGA’s virtual Advocacy Day on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. AGA will provide the training and logistical support. Register now to lend your voice to this important effort. 

  • AGA journals receive record high Impact Factors. 

    AGA’s Gastroenterology and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journals each received record high Impact Factors. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology also maintained a strong position in the field. I’m proud to recognize these achievements and I send my congratulations and continued support to the boards of all three journals. 

  • #WelcometoGI, incoming fellows! 

    Welcome first-year GI fellows! These next three years will be a great adventure as you embark on your journey to become a gastroenterologist and AGA is here to offer you support and mentorship to ensure a successful fellowship. Check out our First Year’s Fellows Guide from The New Gastroenterologist and 10 tips for new GI fellows as you navigate this new chapter.  

  • New clinical guidelines: Pharmacological management of IBS-C and IBS-D

    AGA’s newest guidelines outline, for the first time, when to use newly introduced IBS drugs, when to rely on old drugs approved by the FDA and when to use over the counter drugs. With more treatments available, you can now tailor a personalized approach based on the symptoms your IBS patient is experiencing. 

  • Say hello to Charlie!

    The Carethers family recently expanded — please join me in welcoming the newest member of my family, Charlie. Charlie is a cockapoo who recently joined the Carethers girls and I in Michigan. He’s been a wonderful addition to our lives and is adjusting well.  

Charlie the puppy

View a video introduction and update from AGA President Dr. Carethers. 

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