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Award Resources

These resources are designed to help you understand the application process and answer any initial questions you may have when applying for an AGA research grant. For additional information or questions on AGA awards, please contact [email protected].

Application templates

Resources to help you in completing your award application.

A downloadable spreadsheet where you can list all direct costs. 

A downloadable PDF to help you prepare the necessary information.

A downloadable Word document to identify the facilities where the grants will be used.

A downloadable PDF form confirming institutional commitments to AGA Research Scholar Award applicant’s faculty position and protected time for research. Applicant sponsors should complete and sign this form for submission with their letter of support.

AGA Funding Logo Example

Funded by the AGA Research Foundation image

This image can help you in acknowledging support from the AGA Research Foundation in visual displays, including slides, signs, posters and signage.

If you need another file format (JPG, EPS) please contact [email protected]

AGA Research Foundation

We’re funding the future of gastroenterology! Help us ensure a healthy pipeline of researchers in GI and hepatology.