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Supported Patient

AGA has partnered with SupportedPatientTM, a HIPAA-secure telemedicine platform. It allows you to expand your practice and connect your patients with additional specialists.

SupportedPatientTM is a telemedicine platform endorsed by AGA to help practices improve patient care, by connecting patients with chronic conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and obesity, with complementary providers, such as psychotherapists, dietitians and pain management specialists.


Many of these patients commonly experience anxiety or depression and not all GI practices are equipped to support this mental health need. SupportedPatient can help bridge that gap through telemedicine appointments with psychotherapists, as well as any additional health care providers, for whole-person, patient-centered health care.

  • More benefits for AGA members
  • Improve care and expand your practice while generating revenue.
  • Customize the telemedicine HIPAA-secure cyber offices to match your practice brand.
  • SupportedPatientTM cyber offices can function as a patient portal for both small and large practices.
  • Qualified practices save 50% on the cost of the platform.
  • Access AGA patient education materials via the platform.
  • Can be used toward data collection on patients’ symptoms, mental health for better care and patient experience, as every patient can be provided with a single or multiple surveys on any timeline.
AGA versus non-AGA practices*  
Services AGA practices* Non-AGA practices*
Installation (flat fee) $2,500 $5,000
1. Onsite training (up to 15 people plus travel expenses) $2800/day* $3800/day
Customization Provider’s logo Customized background (images provided by site) Customized welcome message Included Included
Education – includes full AGA patient education modules Included Included
Base online training for Provider and up to 5 of Provider’s staff Included Included
Initial surveys, forms and additional education set up $100/hour $180/hour
Monthly IT maintenance (per 500 patients) $200/month $500/month
Per patient cost per month $5/month $7/month
Telemedicine platform (when used) $25/month $35/month
*AGA practices are defined as those with 50% or more of their MD providers having current AGA membership.
Optional items AGA practice Non-AGA practice
1. Onsite training (up to 15 people plus travel expenses) $2800/day* $3800/day
2. Additional remote training (fee per hour) $250/hour* $300/hour
3. SupportedPatientTM to identify licensed therapists and registered dieticians to embed into GI site $2500*/practitioner $4000/ practitioner