Improving Wisely

As part of a quality collaborative partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the AGA Improving Wisely program provides members participating in the pilot with an individual data report outlining their performance on AGA-developed quality measures using Medicare claims data.

Improving Wisely Pilot Program

Assisting gastroenterologists and hepatologists in improving the quality of care provided to their patients is the primary goal of the AGA Quality Measurement and Improvement area. To support this goal, AGA is piloting a new project, “Improving Wisely for Gastroenterology and Hepatology,” which provides performance reports using Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) data.

Improving Wisely reports performance on measures specifically selected for gastroenterologists and hepatologists — for informational purposes only — to help increase awareness of gastroenterology-specific measure performance to identify potential areas for improvement. In the initial pilot report, recipients will receive performance information on two performance measures:

  • Prior Endoscopy Within 3 Years of 2017 Endoscopy for Non-Dysplastic Barrett’s
  • Colon Cancer Screening in Adults > 85 years old

At the conclusion of the pilot project, additional measure topics not currently available in national reporting programs and only available to AGA members will be considered for future reports.

If you are a participant in the pilot, please follow this link to obtain your reports.

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