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Weight loss management … a new frontier?

Experts discuss the advantages of medicine, lifestyle management and endoscopic therapies for obesity treatment.
Man holding tape measure to stomach
Man holding tape measure to stomach

This article was originally posted in GI & Hepatology News.

Dear colleagues,

Treating obesity easily falls under our purview as gastroenterologists. But like the mouse who would bell the cat, our direct involvement has been limited. However, over the past decade, advances in endobariatrics and medical management have given us many options. But how do we choose from this growing armamentarium of minimally invasive procedures and weight loss medicines? What combination is best? And what about the standard “diet and exercise”?

In this issue of Perspectives, Carolyn Newberry, MD, director of GI nutrition at Innovation Center for Health and Nutrition in Gastroenterology, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, will emphasize the benefits of medical and lifestyle management. Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD, MPH, ABOM, director of bariatric endoscopy fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, responds with robust data for endoscopic therapies. We hope that their expert perspectives will help guide you in your own approach to obesity management – certainly no one size fits all. I welcome your thoughts on this growing field in gastroenterology – share with us on Twitter @AGA_GIHN.

Picture of Gyanprakash A. Ketwaroo, MD, MSc

Gyanprakash A. Ketwaroo, MD, MSc

Dr. Ketwaroo is an associate professor of medicine at Yale University, chief of endoscopy at West Haven VA Medical Center and is an associate editor for GI & Hepatology News.

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