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Tri-Society Policy Alert: Things to know about the 2021 Proposed Medicare payment rules

Physician payments across most specialties likely to be cut.
Final Rule 2020
Final Rule 2020

This week, CMS released two proposed rules for the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and the Hospital Outpatient Department and ASC. The GI societies will provide feedback to CMS on these rules. The agency will release the final rules before the end of 2020. Implementation begins in January. 

What you need to know: Physician payments under MPFS will likely be cut across most specialties as the conversion factor which determine payment rates is expected to decrease to meet budge neutrality. The estimated impact to GI is -5%.  We argue that reductions, particularly at this time during the pandemic, are unacceptable and not sustainable. The GI societies will continue to work to fight these cuts.

To find out more about how provisions in these rules will impact GI read the full analysis and summary.


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