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Three GI researchers to know

Drs. Gaddam, Ringel and Geisz share how gifts to the AGA Research Foundation from members like you have supported their careers.
Drs. Gaddam, Ringer and Geisz
Drs. Gaddam, Ringer and Geisz

Did you know the AGA Research Foundation supports more than 50 investigators each year through the AGA Research Foundation Awards Program?

Funding from AGA members like you allows for these physicians to conduct research that will lead to new tools and treatments to care for patients.

Today’s investments build the research pipeline to support the future of GI.

Hear directly from researchers who are changing the future of GI patient care through their AGA-funded research and consider including the AGA Research Foundation to your gift list this holiday season.

Meet the researchers

Srinivas Gaddam, MD

2022 AGA Research Scholar Award recipient

Amit Ringel, MD

2023 AGA Bristol Myers Squibb Fellowship to Faculty Transition Award recipient

Andrea Geisz, PhD

2020 AGA Research Scholar Award recipient

Hear from AGA Research Foundation Executive Board member how you can make a difference.

Aja S. McCutchen, MD

AGA Research Foundation Vice Chair

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