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Tell UnitedHealthcare to stop new prior authorization requirements

Patients don’t need more obstacles to care and you don’t need more red tape.
Woman typing in spreadsheet on computer
Woman typing in spreadsheet on computer

Last week, we met with UnitedHealthcare to discuss their plan to require prior authorization for most GI endoscopy procedures later this year. We stressed how this change will cause care delays for high-risk individuals, deter patients from undergoing medically recommended procedures, exacerbate existing sociodemographic disparities in care and outcomes, and add unnecessary paperwork burden to physicians.

We will meet with them again to advocate for you and your patients, but we need your help now to tell United how this will impact you and your patients.

Here’s what you need to know:

Beginning June 1, 2023, United plans to implement a burdensome, new prior authorization program for many GI endoscopy procedures for Commercial plans in almost every market.

What procedures are impacted?

EGD, diagnostic and surveillance colonoscopy and capsule endoscopy will require prior authorization. Screening colonoscopy and any procedures performed in the ER, hospital inpatient or urgent care setting are exempt. See United’s list of impacted CPT codes.

How can you stop it?

Tell United how this policy would impact you and your patients! Contact their CEO using this customizable letter that outlines the impact of United’s GI endoscopy prior authorization program on gastroenterologists and their patients.

Where can I find more information?

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