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Share AGA CRC resources with your patients

Use AGA resources to help your patients prep for colonoscopy and understand their screening options.

It is important to discuss colorectal cancer (CRC) screening with your patients throughout the year. But March provides a perfect opportunity to discuss the need to screen and explain the options available to your patients.

AGA has resources to support you and your patients. Embed the videos below by placing the embed code into your blog or website HTML, or link to them from your practice website. Share on your social media channels and tag @AmerGastroAssn.

Visit the AGA GI Patient Center for additional resources on CRC and screening.

  • Preparing for a colonoscopy
  • You’ve prescribed a colonoscopy. Help your patients prepare.
  • What is CRC and the need to screen
  • Share this video with your patients who need to be screened.
  • CRC screening options
  • Help your patients understand CRC screening options.

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