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July 24, 2020

Politics in the middle of next COVID-19 stimulus package

Next steps for the fifth COVID-19 relief package remain uncertain as the House and Senate majorities and the administration have varying priorities and tactics for aiding Americans through the public health emergency.
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Three of the main sticking points are over funding for schools, a payroll tax cut and enhanced unemployment benefits. The administration is standing firm with making federal aid conditional on schools reopening in the fall. Inclusion of a payroll tax cut has also been a priority for the administration but many senators on both sides of the aisle are not fond of the proposal. As policymakers continue to debate and negotiate the variety of policies lobbied for inclusion in this legislative package, AGA will continue to advocate for our profession.

Trump administration

  • Pay roll tax cut
  • Education: $70 billion for schools to reopen safely

Republicans ($1 trillion est. cost)

  • Liability protections: Expanded medical liability for health care providers
  • Education/childcare: $105 billion for schools to have the supplies to safely reopen
  • Stimulus checks
  • Jobs/businesses: Additional funds for Paycheck Protection Program loans and reimbursements for protective equipment and testing to protect workers and customers.
  • Health care: Funding for state testing efforts, personal protective equipment and vaccine production
  • NIH labs/research: $15.5 billion

Democrats ($3.5 trillion est. cost)

  • Education: $100 billion
  • Jobs/businesses: Hazard pay for essential workers, revisions to the Paycheck Protection Program
  • State and local government fiscal relief
  • Enhanced unemployment benefits
  • Stimulus checks
  • NIH labs/research: $4.7 billion
  • CDC virus prevention and response: $2.1 billion

Contact your lawmakers today, urging for them to protect our profession as they negotiate this legislative relief package.

Make sure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill
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