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Momentum growing: 175 groups oppose UHC prior auth policy

Gastroenterology is receiving support from numerous medical specialties in opposing UnitedHealthcare's prior authorization policy for GI endoscopy procedures.

AGA, along with ACG and ASGE, have recruited 175 groups to cosign a letter to the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) CEO opposing the prior authorization for GI endoscopy procedures policy that’s due to go into effect for commercial plans starting June 1, 2023.

We are not alone in this fight.

The groups joining the GI societies include patient advocates, national and state medical societies and academic institutions.

Importantly, the coalition has grown beyond GI, reflecting the stake that all of medicine has in prior authorization.

We received support from otolaryngologists, neurologists, surgeons, osteopaths, cataract surgeons, urologists, echocardiologists, clinical oncologists and neurological surgeons.

We are grateful to our members who helped in recruiting the organizations and thank those groups for joining us.

Additionally, in a separate letter signed by AGA president Dr. John Carethers, along with ACG and ASGE’s presidents, the three GI societies also requested that UHC reconsider and rescind the upcoming changes. It is clear from the hundreds of organizations joining us to oppose these prior authorization requirements that they will have a significant negative impact on patient care and GI practice operations. Our patients and practices deserve better.

Take action: help keep up the pressure on UHC!

  • Contact your state's policymakers

    Send this letter to your state policymakers. It is more important than ever that state insurance commissions know that their state medical societies also oppose these upcoming changes.

  • Contact UHC

    Write UHC's CEO with this customizable letter that outlines the impact of their GI endoscopy prior authorization program on gastroenterologists and their patients. Anyone can send a letter – just create an account first.

  • Use your voice on social media

    Share graphics and tag UHC. Tell the public how UHC's new GI prior authorization program will impact your patients and practice. Don't forget to tag @UHC and use the #FixPriorAuth hashtag.

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