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Meet the newest specialty physician member of Congress: Rep. John Joyce, R-PA

The Congressman has quickly become one of AGA’s newest congressional champions, working as a consensus-builder and in a bipartisan manner on issues of importance to the physician community.
Rep. John Joyce portrait
Rep. John Joyce portrait

Rep. John Joyce, R-PA, was elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections and is one of only three physicians — and the sole specialty physician — to serve in the current freshman class of the House of Representatives. 

A dermatologist by trade, Dr. Joyce campaigned on a platform of prioritizing health care policy and proactively reached out to AGA PAC to learn our top advocacy priorities. 

During his short tenure, Rep. Joyce has already proven to be a strong champion for AGA and a supporter of our priority issues. Upon entering office, Rep. Joyce reached out to AGA staff to discuss ways that he could help champion our issues. He agreed to serve as a co-sponsor on three of AGA’s top priority legislative measures, including:

  • Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act
    • Legislation that would address the cost-sharing issue for screening colonoscopy.
  • Safe Step Act
    • Legislation that would provide a clean and timely appeals process when a patient has been subjected to step therapy.
  • Improving Seniors’ Timely Access to Care Act
    • Legislation that would streamline the prior authorization process in Medicare Advantage.

Additionally, his chief of staff has a child with celiac disease and wants to work with AGA on ensuring access to specialty care for patients with digestive diseases.

AGA looks forward to continuing to work with Rep. Joyce and his staff on issues that impact both our specialty and our patients.

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