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Meet the 60 GIs signed up for AGA Advocacy Day

See who’s representing your state and register by Sept. 7 to join this list.
Virtual Advocacy Day Attendees
Virtual Advocacy Day Attendees

AGA Virtual Advocacy Day will take place on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. We have a fantastic group of advocates signed up to educate legislators about policies that protect GI patients and professionals, including prior authorization, step therapy reform, stable and fair Medicare reimbursement and sustainable federal research funding.  

What happens during Advocacy Day?

AGA members will be meeting with federal lawmakers and their staff to share personal stories about how current policies impact their patients. 

First-timers are welcomed and encouraged!   

All participants will be paired with an experienced advocate (either colleagues from your state or AGA staff). We’ll also provide all the tools and resources you need to feel confident while speaking with your legislators, including comprehensive live and on-demand training. 

What’s the time commitment? 

While meetings will be scheduled from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. EDT (with a break for our lunchtime keynote speaker), we are happy to accommodate your busy schedule. Even if you can only join us for an hour or two, your participation matters.  Just indicate your availability on the registration form and we’ll schedule meetings accordingly.   

Here are members already on the list.

Members from the same state will be grouped together for meetings. Register by Wednesday, Sept. 7, to join us. 

  • Sadeea Abbasi, MD, PhD (California) 
  • Raz Abdulqadir, BSc, MSc (Pennsylvania) 
  • Maria Abreu, MD, AGAF (Florida) 
  • Elie Al Kazzi, MD, MPH (Ohio) 
  • Raz Abdulqadir, BSc, MSc (Pennsylvania) 
  • Somaya Albhaisi, MBBCH, MD (Virginia) 
  • John Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF (Minnesota) 
  • Aldanah Althwanay, MD (Maryland) 
  • Nadeem Baig, MD (New Jersey) 
  • Shailesh Bajaj, MD (Illinois)  
  • Dawn Beaulieu, MD, AGAF (Tennessee)  
  • Yan Bi, MD (Florida) 
  • Brent Burnette, MD (Nevada) 
  • Rotonya Carr, MD (Washington) 
  • Cary Cotton, MD, MPH (North Carolina) 
  • Narzahni Crumbie, NP (Arizona) 
  • Laurel Fisher, MD, AGAF (Pennsylvania) 
  • Yonas Getachew, MD, AGAF  
  • Sara Ghoneim, MD, (Nebraska)  
  • Claudia Gruss, MD, AGAF (Connecticut) 
  • Sushovan Guha, MD, MA, PhD, FASGE, AGAF (Texas) 
  • Alaa Habash, MD (Pennsylvania) 
  • Brian Jacobson, MD, MPH, AGAF, FASGE, FACG (Massachusetts) 
  • Ariel Jordan, MD (Michigan) 
  • Avinash Ketwaroo, MD (Texas) 
  • Michelle Kim, MD, FASGE (New York) 
  • Woojin Kim, MD (California)  
  • Xiao-Fei Kong, MD, PhD (New York) 
  • Jonathan Levine, PhD (Maryland) 
  • Peter Margolis, MD, AGAF (Rhode Island) 
  • Folasade (Fola) May, MD, MPhil, PhD (California) 
  • Eleazar Montalvan-Sanchez, MD (Indiana) 
  • Kalee Moore, DO (Texas) 
  • Carol Murakami, MD, AGAF, FAASLD (Washington) 
  • Rishi Naik, MD, MSCI (Tennessee)  
  • Yamini Natarajan, MD (Texas)  
  • Precious Ndukwe, BS (Maryland) 
  • Amit Patel, MD (North Carolina) 
  • Arpan Patel, MD (California) 
  • Nicole Patel, BS (New Jersey) 
  • Parth Patel, MD (Michigan) 
  • Sheryl Pfeil, MD, AGAF (Ohio)  
  • Jennifer Phan, MD (California) 
  • Benjamin Renelus, MD (New York) 
  • Suzette Rivera MacMurray, MD (Puerto Rico) 
  • George Salem, MD (Oklahoma) 
  • Shawn Shah, MD (Texas) 
  • Garrett Shields, BS (Indiana) 
  • Shazia Siddique, MD (Pennsylvania) 
  • Ann Silverman, MD, FACG (Michigan) 
  • Ashina Singh, MD (Michigan) 
  • Mark Sofia, MD (Oregon) 
  • Daniel Stein, MD (Wisconsin)  
  • Jerry Tillinger (Pennsylvania) 
  • Sanjeevani Tomar, MD (New York) 
  • Nice Bertha Toriz, MD, AGAF (Minnesota) 
  • Dirk van Leeuwen, MD, PhD, FAASLD (Vermont) 
  • Vaibhav Wadhwa, MD (Texas) 
  • George Yared, MD (Nebraska) 
  • Alex, Zhornitskiy, MD (California) 
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