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Meet the 6 finalists to compete for the 2022 AGA Shark Tank

Six finalists will square off during the AGA Tech Summit on Thursday, April 14 – get a sneak peek!
AGA Shark Tank Competition Finalists
AGA Shark Tank Competition Finalists

What’s the next great GI technology? The AGA Shark Tank Pitch Competition at the AGA Tech Summit on Thursday, April 14 may provide answers. Six finalists will square off to be declared the 2022 AGA Shark Tank winner – get a sneak peek below!

Agora Health

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a life-long condition that causes irritation, inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the colon. While behavioral health interventions such as changes in diet and access to psychological support can improve clinical outcomes and reduce patient costs, access to services is limited and often not personalized to the patient’s needs. Agora Health has created a suite of digital programs, powered by machine learning and predictive AI, to fill this gap. Its flagship diet program has been shown to improve GI conditions in 80% of its users.


Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is imaging technology that can be used to treat benign or malignant diseases, but the cost has limited its use for many clinical practices. EndoSound has developed technology that can convert a standard endoscope into a fully functional EUS platform. Granted a “breakthrough device designation” by the FDA in 2021, the technology can provide a cost-sensitive solution to existing legacy systems.


IzoMed has developed IzoScope, an on-demand polypectomy suite that aids the resection of complex polyps. The device is a flexible sheet that surrounds a colonoscope and uses a series of balloons to create an endoluminal compartment around the tip of the colonoscope that provides an extra channel for endoscopic accessory.

Lean Medical

When diet and exercise fail, individuals with obesity often seek gastric bypass procedures to improve their condition. Lean Medical has developed BellyButton, an endoluminal bariatric device as an alternative for gastric bypasses. Initial animal trials at Mayo Clinic have been successfully completed and further trials are planned.

Myka Labs

Duodenal obstructions during the onset of pancreatic cancer can retard nutritional intake, but surgical removal may be inappropriate for some patients. Myka Labs’ Connect XR-GE is a mixed reality system that uses a hybrid metal polymer clip architecture and virtual signals to provide endoscopists with a continual understanding of the device’s position and orientation to bypass obstructions.

Rock West Medical Devices

Chronic digestive issues are often difficult to diagnose because there can be many potential causes. MoPill is a GPS system for the GI tract. The radio frequency capsule, which includes a signal antenna, patient data recorder and software, provides continuous motility data and amplitude measurement.

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