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Meet our researcher of the month: Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, AGAF

In a touching video interview, Dr. Lebwohl recalls the moment he learned of his AGA Research Foundation funding and what it has meant for his career.
Screen grab of foundation video
Screen grab of foundation video

To become a clinician-researcher, it requires funding and dedicated time for research. For Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl of Columbia University Medical Center, his career as a clinician-researcher really began when he received an AGA Research Scholar Award from the AGA Research Foundation in 2014.

Dr. Lebwohl’s research on the health implications of a gluten-free diet for people without celiac disease has been instrumental in helping physicians answer questions from their patients about this diet craze.

Congrats to Dr. Lebwohl for his great research and being recognized as our AGA Research Foundation researcher of the month. Watch his full story in the video below.

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