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Medicare payment cuts: how this affects you & what’s next

We’re still advocating Congress to act on Medicare reimbursement before the end of the year – a partial cut to providers is still a cut.
US Capitol Dome
US Capitol Dome

Earlier this month, Congress implemented a 1.68% cut to Medicare physician payments as a part of the funding bill to keep the government open. The cuts went into effect March 9, and are not applied retroactively.

While the 1.68% cut is lower than the initially proposed 3.37% outlined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), it is still disappointing that Congress failed to reverse GI payment cuts, particularly since reimbursement is not keeping pace with inflation.

Congress needs to address the Medicare cuts this year.

We need elected officials to take action to provide physicians with adequate reimbursement that matches with the continually rising cost of providing care to Medicare beneficiaries.

What’s next?

We continue to work with our coalition partners in specialty medicine to bring this issue to the forefront of Capitol Hill.

What can you do?

Get ready to get involved. We’ll be calling on you to speak up on behalf of your patients and pressure Congress to protect patients’ access to high quality care when there is legislation to support.

Make sure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill
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