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Introducing our latest IBD on-demand program

Learn how to improve biologic therapy effectiveness and decision-making for your IBD patients.
IBD On-Demand Program
IBD On-Demand Program

Gain expert insights on when to use therapeutic drug monitoring proactively to improve the efficacy of biologic therapy for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and reactively to guide decision-making following primary nonresponse or secondary loss of response to a biologic.

Take advantage of our new, free CME program developed in collaboration with AGA and Clinical Care Options, Advances in IBD Precision Medicine With Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Although tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors have revolutionized the treatment of IBD, they are associated with high rates of both primary nonresponse, in which patients start therapy but don’t respond, and secondary nonresponse, in which patients do respond initially but have a secondary loss of response over time.

This new enduring program offers three different options:

  • View the on-demand webcast.

    Marla Dubinsky, MD, and Bruce E. Sands, MD, MS, AGAF, discuss:
    • The mechanisms by which these treatment failures occur.
    • How therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) can address — and possibly help avoid — such treatment failures.
    • Current guideline recommendations for TDM of TNF inhibitors and the latest evidence on the use of TDM in non-TNF inhibitors.

  • Read through expert commentary.

    Measuring Antidrug Antibodies During Anti-TNF Therapy 
    In this expert commentary, discover practical considerations for monitoring antidrug antibodies in patients with IBD receiving anti-TNF therapy.
    Decoding HLA-DQA1*05 in IBD Therapy
    Should you screen every patient with inflammatory bowel disease for HLA-DQA1*05? Drs. Dubinsky and Sands provide their take.

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