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Intersociety Group on Diversity: post-election statement

A reflection on last week's presidential election.
IGD_Gastro (3)
IGD_Gastro (3)

Dear Colleagues,

As we reflect on the outcome of last week’s election, regardless of our stance on the results and perception of its impact, let us remember that our strength as health care providers and scientists lies not in our political party affiliations, but rather in our ability to be catalysts for change. Our collective vision to provide high-quality care, eradicate health disparities, and produce science that translates to better care for all, has and will continue to positively influence the health of our nation, communities, and patients. 

In unity,

Intersociety Group on Diversity

Darrell M. Gray, II, MD, MPH, FACG
Co-Chair, Intersociety Group on Diversity
Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, ACG

Rachel Issaka, MD, MAS
Co-Chair, Intersociety Group on Diversity
Member, Diversity Committee, ASGE

Carla W. Brady, MD, MHS, FAASLD
Chair, Inclusion and Diversity Committee, AASLD

Lauren D. Nephew MD, MA, MSCE
Member, Inclusion and Diversity Committee, AASLD

Sophie Balzora, MD, FACG
Vice Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, ACG

Byron Cryer, MD
Co-Chair, Equity Project Advisory Board, AGA

Sandra M. Quezada, MD, MS
Chair, Diversity Committee, AGA

Jennifer Christie, MD, FASGE
Governing Board Councilor, ASGE

Valeria Cohran, MD, FAAP
Co-Chair, Diversity Special Interest Group, NASPGHAN

Conrad R. Cole, MD, FAAP MPH, MSc
Co-Chair, Diversity Special Interest Group, NASPGHAN

Society Leadership

Jorge A. Bezerra, MD, FAASLD
President, AASLD

Raymond T. Chung, MD, FAASLD
President-Elect, AASLD

David A. Greenwald, MD, FACG
President, ACG

Samir A. Shah, MD, FACG
President-Elect, ACG

M. Bishr Omary, MD, PhD, AGAF
President, AGA

John M. Inadomi, MD, AGAF
President-Elect, AGA

Klaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, FASGE
President, ASGE

Douglas K. Rex, MD, MASGE
President-Elect, ASGE

Benjamin D. Gold, MD
President, NASPGHAN

Jenifer R. Lightdale, MD
President-Elect, NASPGHAN

The Intersociety Group on Diversity (IGD) is a coalition instituted by the AASLD, ACG, AGA, ASGE and NASPGHAN. The IGD aims to address important issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion collaboratively; increase diversity in gastroenterology among our societies’ members, our pipeline of trainees, and leadership; and eradicate health disparities in the patients and populations our members serve. 

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