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How you can create an inclusive environment for your LGBTQI+ patients 

Top takeaways from our Diversity Committee’s LGBTQI+ session during this year’s DDW®.
Diversity Committee DDW 2022
Diversity Committee DDW 2022

In honor of PRIDE 2022, we’re sharing a few takeaways from “Embracing the LGBTQI+ Community: Overcoming Health Disparities and Creating an Inclusive Environment for Our Patients, Providers, and Trainees” session hosted by our Diversity Committee at this year’s DDW® 2022.  

Diversity Committee leaders Yamini Natarajan, MD, Sonali Paul, MD, MS, and Christopher David Velez, MD, presented on the importance of the LGBTQI+ community’s history and the increasingly discriminatory policies affecting the way LGBTQI+ patients interact with the health care community.  

Key takeaways 

  • GI as a specialty has been slower than others to recognize the needs of the LGBTQI+ communities and how social determinants of health may impact health disparities that have yet to be studied. 
  • More research is needed for LGBTQI+ patients with digestive diseases.  
  • YOU can help create an inclusive clinical environment for your LGBTQI+ patients by: 
    • Collecting sexual orientation and gender identity during patient encounters. 
    • Asking about preferred pronouns. 
    • Taking a sexual history. 
    • Practicing gender affirming care.  
Diversity Committee DDW 2022

AGA's Diversity Committee showing off their rainbow flag pins at the Embracing the LGBTQI+ Community session at DDW®2022

Attended DDW and didn’t get a chance to attend this session? View the session via DDW On Demand (sessions will be available starting June 13). Stay tuned for updates at

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