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February 11, 2019

Help your patients understand biologics and biosimilars 

AGA resources are available to educate providers and patients about biologics and biosimilars.

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The advent of biosimilars has helped propel the future of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatment and care. While they expand treatment options, they also raise a lot of questions.

What are biosimilars? 

Biosimilars are developed to be highly similar, but not identical to a biologic in the market that is already FDA-approved. The original biologic against which the biosimilar is evaluated is often referred to as the “reference product.”

As biosimilars are introduced to market, AGA believes that distinguishable names for all biologics, including biosimilars, are imperative to promote patient safety, strengthen patient-physician communication and enhance confidence in these vital medicines. Additionally, AGA believes that stable patients should not be forced to switch from one therapy to another (e.g. a brand name biologic to its biosimilar) without prior notification and approval of their physician. As a member of the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative, AGA has signed onto the non-medical switching principles and guidelines.

Education for providers

AGA is taking the lead in educating health care professionals and their patients about biosimilars and how they can play a role in IBD patient care.

On demand webinars

Meeting report: AGA Biosimilars Roundtable

Clinical practice update: switching between biologics and biosimilars in IBD

Physician’s pocket guide: understanding biologics and biosimilars

Education for patients

AGA wants to help patients better understand their treatment options for IBD, including the difference between biologic and biosimilar drugs.

Patient brochure: What are biologics and biosimilars? A guide for patients living with IBD


Free copies of the brochure are available to order at


Video: What are biologics and biosimilar drugs?

Video: ¿Qué son los Medicamentos Biológicos y Biosimilares?

Embed these resources on your practice website or share with your patients via social media.

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