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GI payments face steep cuts unless Congress acts

GIs who treat Medicare patients will face cuts up to 8.5 percent in the new year unless Congress intervenes.
U.S. Capitol building at night
U.S. Capitol building at night

Steep Medicare payment cuts are scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2023, unless Congress intervenes. The proposed cuts would affect 63 million Americans who rely on Medicare and would be happening at a time when physicians are still dealing with the financial impact of the pandemic.

What does this mean for GI?

The potential cuts include the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule conversion factor, which is slated for a 4.5 percent cut, and an additional 4 percent statutory budget cut due to automatic sequestration and PAYGO.

This equates to nearly 8.5 percent in cuts and would impact any GI who treats a Medicare patient.

Additionally, the 8.5 percent cuts would adversely impact how often physicians are able to treat Medicare patients and how practices can hire FTEs and other clinical care staff and support staff.

As a result, physicians will face continued burnout, and countless others’ ability to provide patients with access to high quality specialty care will be affected since reimbursement payments have not kept up with the rate of inflation.

We need Congress to act NOW to prevent these Medicare cuts.

What can you do?

Use your voice as experts in the GI profession. Tell Congress why Medicare payment cuts would be detrimental to you and your patients and speak up on behalf of your GI patients.

Make sure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill
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