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Treating gastrointestinal toxicities from cancer immunotherapy

Three experts discuss causes of toxicities, optimal workup and treatment options.
Headshots of Speakers from Gastro Bites on GI Toxicities
Headshots of Speakers from Gastro Bites on GI Toxicities

Don’t forget that all Gastro Bites webinars are available free for members to watch on-demand! Last month, Drs. Michael Dougan, Joanna Peloquin Melia and Shrinivas Bishu hosted a Gastro Bites discussion on GI toxicities from cancer immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy has transformed the treatment landscape for cancer, leading to durable remissions in patients with previously refractory disease. The promise of these treatments is limited by inflammatory toxicities that can target any system in the body. Gastrointestinal toxicities, in particular colitis and enterocolitis, are the most common severe toxicities induced by cancer immunotherapy and are a major reason for treatment discontinuation.

During the chat, the speakers discuss real-life cases involving these toxicities and how they would each approach treatment.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the presentation and basic mechanisms of GI toxicities from cancer immunotherapy.

  • Understand the differential diagnosis and diagnostic workup for patients presenting with suspected enterocolitis from cancer immunotherapy.

  • Understand treatment options for patients with confirmed enterocolitis from cancer immunotherapy.

Meet the speakers

Picture of Michael Dougan, MD, PhD

Michael Dougan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Picture of Joanna Peloquin Melia, MD

Joanna Peloquin Melia, MD

Assistant Professor
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Johns Hopkins

Picture of Shrinivas Bishu, MD

Shrinivas Bishu, MD

Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

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