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Enrollment now open for new MOC pathway

Gastroenterologists will be able to take ABIM’s Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) beginning in January 2022.

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is preparing to launch the Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA™) in January, a new assessment option for maintaining board certification. The LKA replaces ABIM’s 2-year Knowledge Check-In. The traditional 10-year MOC exam will still be available to any diplomate who prefers this option.

How this new assessment pathway works

  • Start participating

    You can start participating in the LKA in your assessment due year.

  • Five-year cycle

    The LKA consists of a five-year cycle, featuring sets of 30 questions every quarter that can be answered at your own pace.

  • Any device

    You can participate from your internet-connected smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. (The best experience at launch will be on a laptop or desktop computer.)

  • Use your resources

    You can reference all resources from your practice (except for another person).

  • Immediate feedback

    You will receive immediate feedback after answering most questions, along with references and rationales. Beginning in the second year, LKA participants will receive regular score reports to help identify areas for future study.

  • Earn MOC points

    You will earn 0.2 MOC points for each question answered correctly, up to 24 MOC points per year per certificate.

  • Meet participation requirement

    As long as you open 500 out of 600 questions during the five-year LKA cycle, you will have met the LKA Participation Requirement.

  • Pass/fail

    A summative pass/fail decision is made at the end of the five-year cycle, and you cannot lose certification if you don’t achieve a passing score (as long as you are meeting other MOC requirements). If you don’t pass, you can maintain your certification by taking and passing the traditional 10-year MOC exam the following year.

The first set of questions will be delivered Jan. 4, 2022, so if you plan to begin this assessment pathway we encourage you to enroll soon and start engaging early as unopened questions will expire at the end of each quarter and will count against the 100 allowable unopened questions over five years. The first quarter ends March 31, 2022.

AGA, along with the other GI societies, has been actively involved in the process of reforming the MOC system. We will continue to advocate for our principles and to keep you informed of future developments.

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