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Dr. Shin op-ed: What patients need to know about rising CRC rates

Dr. Andrea Shin outlines how rising CRC rates in young Americans and insurance barriers are threats to wellbeing and timely access to care.
Dr. Andrea Shin headshot
Dr. Andrea Shin headshot

Gastroenterologists like Dr. Andrea Shin are seeing an alarming trend of colorectal cancer being diagnosed in Americans under 50 years old.

The rise in CRC rates is doubly as concerning when paired with another dangerous emerging pattern — insurance companies that are increasingly implementing more barriers that prevent patients from receiving timely access to care.

In a new editorial in The Conversation, Dr. Shin explains potential risk factors and screening options for patients, as well as how insurance companies are delaying or denying coverage for necessary medical care in a variety of methods, such as expanded use of prior authorization.

Dr. Shin advises patients to get screened, but also to understand what will be covered in their procedure.

These steps are key to saving lives — CRC can be cured if caught early and receiving treatment as soon as possible offers the best chance of survival.

We’re committed to working with clinicians to improve GI patient outcomes and fighting insurers to ensure patients receive timely access to care.

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