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Does changing to biologics mean changing IBD outcomes?

AGA’s Biosimilars in IBD Care series will help you assuage your patients' concerns.

Switching from a biologic therapy to a biosimilar can cause concerns for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that they won’t be receiving the most optimal medication. You can put them at ease by helping them understand biosimilars can keep their disease in remission. In AGA’s Biosimilars in IBD Care series of four case-based scenarios, GI experts discuss how to address concerns they often hear from IBD patients about being prescribed biosimilars rather than originator biologics or switching therapies. Learn:

  • How to discuss the similarities and differences between biosimilars and originator biologics.
  • What your patients need to understand about using biosimilars for their treatment.
  • What concerns you may hear from patients and how to allay their fears.

In one case-based scenario with Drs. Mark Osterman, Asher Kornbluth and Scott Lee, learn how sharing information about similarities between originator therapies and biosimilars can reduce a patient’s anxieties about insurance and switches in medicine. 

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