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Can you explain biosimilars to IBD patients?

Our case-based education can help you explain the benefits of biosimilar therapies to your patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

AGA’s Biosimilars in IBD Care series has four case-based scenarios where GI experts discuss how to they address concerns raised by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients about biosimilars or about switching therapies from originator biologics. Learn:

  • How to discuss the similarities and differences between biosimilars and biologics.
  • What your patients need to understand about using biosimilars for their treatment.
  • What concerns you may hear from patients and how to allay their fears.

In the opening case-based scenario, Drs. Mark Osterman, Adam Cheifetz and Douglas Wolf will teach you effective ways to explain the difference between biologics and biosimilars to a patient who doesn’t understand why you are recommending a biosimilar.

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