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  September 16, 2020

As election day looms, now is the time to get involved

Participate in our Advocacy Day keynote, send a letter and more.
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With the election only two months away, this is the time to show up and be heard. 

That’s why we’re bringing together the GI community to raise our collective voice and show Congress that our needs and challenges are important considerations for discussions about health care reform. 

The patient-centric care we provide and the research we conduct are imperative to improving patient care nationwide but are made that much harder when fighting legislative gridlock. 

AGA Advocacy Day is an opportunity for you to advocate on behalf of issues that are significantly impacting our field. It’s the perfect time to learn about the legislative process and current policies that are hindering our ability to protect our patients and practice — regardless of your level of advocacy experience, if you’re working from home or what time of day it is. 

Your participation, no matter how involved, will show elected officials our voice cannot be ignored. 

  • Join us Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 10 a.m. EDT for the next Town Hall with the AGA President when Bishr Omary will talk with Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and AGA government affairs leaders about the future of America’s health care approaching Election Day.
    Register with Zoom
  • Join our AGA Advocacy Day keynote, How the 2020 Election Could Impact Health Care, with legendary political analyst and commentator Charlie Cook on Friday, Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. to noon EDT.
    Register with Zoom
  • Learn what effective advocacy looks and tips for establishing relationships with legislators in our new on-demand module on AGA University.
    Explore module
  • Identify your local policymakers and send a pre-formatted letter supporting COVID-19 relief, reducing prior authorization hassles, removing barriers to colorectal cancer screening and more.
    Visit AGA Advocacy Center  
Make sure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill
AGA Advocacy
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