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February 5, 2020

AGA honors today’s luminaries in GI

Celebrate with the AGA Research Foundation.
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To honor the lifelong contributions and achievements of some of our most esteemed members, we are pleased to present the AGA Research Foundation’s newest program, AGA Honors: Celebrating Difference Makers in Our Field. Our honorees have been chosen for their pivotal role in shaping the future of gastroenterology and hepatology. Honorees span the gamut from mentors and researchers to administrators and clinicians and educators across a myriad of disciplines:
John I. Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF Rodger A. Liddle, MD
C. Richard Boland, MD, AGAF David A. Lieberman, MD, AGAF
Martin Brotman, MD, AGAF Pankaj J. Pasricha, MD
Michael Camilleri, MD, AGAF Chung Owyang, MD, AGAF
Eugene B. Chang, MD, AGAF Jean-Pierre Raufman, MD
Sheila Crowe, MD, AGAF Don C. Rockey, MD, AGAF
Francis M. Giardiello, MD, AGAF Anil K. Rustgi, MD, AGAF
Fred S. Gorelick, MD Robert S. Sandler, MD, MPH, AGAF
Gail A. Hecht, MD, AGAF Michael L. Weinstein, MD
Wayne I. Lencer, MD, AGAF C. Mel Wilcox, MD
We invite you to learn more about our honorees and celebrate their contributions to the field by making a donation to the AGA Research Foundation.

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