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ABIM announces plans for longitudinal assessment option

AGA will not stop advocating until we have an MOC process that meets your needs.

ABIM’s latest announcement about next-generation MOC efforts and request for diplomate feedback is a call to action and opportunity to voice your need for MOC change.

AGA and its sister GI societies have repeatedly conveyed this message on your behalf, emphasizing the need for a paradigm shift in the MOC process. AGA, in collaboration with all GI societies, will continue to work with ABIM to find an alternative that is fundamentally consistent with the principles we have espoused over the past few years: MOC needs to be simpler, less intrusive, less expensive and should not include high-stakes assessments of areas where the diplomate may not practice.

We encourage you to get involved in this effort by:

    • Expressing your views to ABIM through this open call for feedback to aid in our ongoing communications with ABIM leadership.
    • Providing your perspective and ideas to your colleagues in AGA Community. Your feedback fuels AGA as we continue our ongoing advocacy on your behalf.

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