Outstanding Service Award

Created in 1972, the Outstanding Service Award honors an individual who has contributed significantly to society’s health and welfare.

To read about all 2021 AGA recognition prize winners, please read the press release.


Created in 1972, the Outstanding Service Award honors an individual who has contributed significantly to society’s health and welfare.


Only members of the AGA Governing Board may nominate individuals for consideration. The contribution may be in the form of public education, literature, legislation, philanthropy, personal service or another endeavor, ideally though not necessarily, related to digestive diseases. The prize is only presented when an exceptional candidate is identified. AGA membership is not required of nominees.

Selection process

The recipient is selected by the AGA Governing Board. Nominees will be reviewed using the eligibility criteria listed above. Recipient selection requires the unanimous consent of the AGA Governing Board.


The recipient will be recognized at the AGA Awards Ceremony during Digestive Disease Week®.

Nomination deadline and selection process

Nominations for this recognition prize are restricted to current members of the AGA Governing Board. Additional AGA Governing Board members who support the nomination should co-sign the nomination letter.

The following nomination materials must be emailed to awards@gastro.org in PDF format. Please title the files using the nominee’s last name, first initial and the type of file (i.e., DoeJ_Letter.pdf, DoeJ_CV.pdf).

  • A nomination letter, not to exceed two pages, signed by the primary nominator and additional AGA Governing Board members who support the nomination. If the letter has multiple signatures, additional signature pages beyond the two-page limit are allowed.
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae.


Please forward all questions about this and other AGA recognition awards to 301-222-4012 or via email at awards@gastro.org.


2022Representative Rosa DeLauro (CT-03), Representative Raul Ruiz, MD, MPH, MPP (CA-36)
2021Shahnaz Sultan, MD, MHSc, AGAF; Osama Altayar, MD; Perica Davitkov, MD; Joseph D. Feurstein, MD; Shazia M. Siddique, MD, MSHP; Yngve T. Falck-Ytter, MD, AGAF; Joseph K. Lim, MD, AGAF
2020Rob and Cathy Funderburg; Alex and Patty Funderburg; Hugh and Gail Funderburg
2013Congressman William “Bill” Cassidy, MD
2011Carla H. Ginsburg, MD, MPH, AGAF
2007Eli Broad
2006Ian Taylor, MD, PhD, AGAF
2006Peter Traber, MD
1980Tim Lee Carter, MD
1972Paul G. Rogers