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Young Investigator Award in Basic and Clinical Science

Elevated to a recognition prize in 2015, this award honors two young investigators, one in basic science and one in clinical science, for outstanding research achievements. To read about all 2021 AGA recognition prize winners, please read the press release.

Recognition Award nominations are under review. AGA will announce the 2024 recipients by press release in Spring 2024.

Recognition Award nominations are open through Sept. 28, 2023.


Established as an AGA recognition prize in 2015, the Young Investigator Awards honor two early-career investigators, one in basic science and one in clinical science, for outstanding research achievements.


  • Nominees have demonstrated exemplary achievements in basic or clinical research associated with the digestive system or digestive disease.
  • Nominees have an MD, PhD and/or equivalent degree(s).
  • Nominees are independent investigators who have held a faculty position for less than seven years.
  • Nominees must have a current AGA membership.

Selection process

  • The recipient is selected by the AGA Recognition Prizes Panel constituting members of the AGA Diversity Committee, AGA Institute Clinical Guidelines Committee, AGA Institute Education and Training Committee, AGA Institute Practice Management and Economics Committee, and AGA Institute Research Policy Committee.
  • The AGA Governing Board ratifies the recipient.

Nominations are reviewed according to the eligibility criteria listed above and the following review and selection criteria:

  • The importance of the nominee’s research and its potential to impact understanding of the digestive system’s basic biology or to provide insights or advances into the prevention, diagnosis, management or treatment of digestive disease.
  • The impact of the nominee’s publication record as demonstrated by h-index and citation counts, their ability to secure extramural funding, and demonstration of their transition to research independence.
  • The impact of the nominee’s research through non-traditional research outputs, for example, clinical decision support tools, datasets, software or computing infrastructure, creating research consortia or team science efforts, and patient or lay-audience publications.
  • The nominee’s contributions to extramural research, including peer review of grants and publications, editorial responsibilities, and conference proceedings.
  • The nominee’s national and international reputation.
  • The nominee’s contributions to the field through advocacy, education, and mentoring.


The recipients are recognized at the AGA Awards Ceremony during Digestive Disease Week®.

Nomination process

All nominations are submitted online by a primary nominator who is an AGA member. The names of additional AGA members who support the nomination should be listed on the nomination form and included as signatories in the nomination letter.

Complete nomination packages include the following supporting materials, uploaded in PDF format. Please title the files using the nominee’s last name, first initial and the type of file (i.e., DoeJ_Letter.pdf, DoeJ_CV.pdf).

  • A nomination letter, not to exceed three pages, signed by the primary nominator and additional AGA members who support the nomination. Additional signature pages beyond the three-page limit are allowed when the letter has multiple signatures.
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae.

The nomination letter should:

  • Summarize the nominee’s training and background.
  • Describe the nominator’s qualifications to interpret and evaluate the nominee and their work.
  • Contextualize the relevance to, and impact of, the nominee’s work in their field of research, including citation of notable publications authored by the nominee.
  • Provide evidence of respect for the nominee’s work in their field of research, such as inclusion of the nominee’s work in the subsequent research of other investigators.
  • Indicate the broader scientific implications of the nominee’s work to any other disciplines, clinical or basic. This may include major technical or methodological contributions such as new or improved analytical methods.
  • Summarize the nominee’s other significant research accomplishments in addition to those recognized by the prize.
  • Highlight relevant personal characteristics of the nominee, such as how they function as the intellectual and motivational force within their research group and their ability to attract and develop young scientists.

Current members of the AGA Recognition Prizes Panel and AGA Governing Board are prohibited from submitting or supporting nominations.


Please direct all questions about this and other AGA recognition awards to 301-941-2619 or via email at [email protected].

Recipients (2015-2023)

2023 Yin Cao, ScD, MPH; Sumera I. Ilyas, MBBS
2022 Shailja Shah, MD, MPH; Kelley Yan, MD, PhD
2021 Arthur Beyder, MD, PhD; Elliot Benjamin Tapper, MD
2020 Jennifer Lai, MD, MBA; Nobuhiko Kamada, PhD
2019 Sonia S. Kupfer, MD; Costas A. Lyssiotis, PhD
2018 David S. Goldberg, MD, MSCE; Andrew D. Rhim, MD
2016 John T. Chang, MD; Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH
2015 Hamed Khalili, MD, MPH; Alexio Muse, MD, PhD