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Obesity, Metabolism & Nutrition

Members interested in participating in the activities of the AGA Institute Council Obesity, Metabolism & Nutrition Section should contact us at [email protected]. We are especially interested in increasing participation of junior investigators, clinicians and international members.

Mission statement and FOCI

The mission of the AGA Institute Council Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Section (OMN) is to represent and support AGA members who have an interest in nutritional and metabolic disorders with programming that includes topics spanning the life cycle from pediatrics to adulthood to geriatrics. This programming includes both OMN-specific and cross-sectional invited speaker sessions, as well as abstract-based platform and poster research fora. The section continues to expand its cross-sectional programming in order to have broader impact and appeal. The section is also pursuing a more challenging goal to draw attendees to Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) from other societies and organizations that could benefit from and contribute to its programming. The OMN section also endeavors to strike a balance between basic research, including pre-clinical studies to develop new therapies, to shed light on disease mechanisms, and clinical and translational research, to better describe disease phenotypes and test new therapeutic approaches. Finally, the OMN section continues to focus on engaging trainees and junior members in all meeting activities as a worthwhile investment in the future.

Areas of focus:

  • New and innovative therapies for obesity and its metabolic complications, including:
    • Endoscopic bariatric procedures
    • Precision medicine
    • Pharmacotherapy
    • New lifestyle/nutritional approaches
  • Nutritional therapies for a variety of GI diseases
  • GI neuroendocrinology and metabolism
  • GI regulation of energy balance, weight and metabolic function
  • Nutrient and vitamin absorption and metabolism
  • Intestinal failure and enteral/parenteral nutritional support

Council leadership

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Vice Chair
University of California Los Angeles