Coronavirus (COVID-19)

AGA is committed to keeping the GI community safe and informed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back often for new clinical guidance, education, research and physician resources.

Featured clinical guidance

AGA is working hard to fast-track evidence-based recommendations to guide GIs through the pandemic.

Featured practice resources

Stay up-to-date by checking out our newsfeed. Nonmembers are invited to sign up for weekly email updates on the latest news from AGA as we continue to share resources during the global pandemic.

Join us weekly for GI COVID-19 Connection. Each week provides content in three formats allowing you to engage with our experts and education on your own time: enduring education, one-hour webinar featuring renowned experts, roundtables discussions on AGA Community (AGA members only).

GI fellows: check out GI Distance Learning. We’ve curated resources to help you in your career, available free during the pandemic.

Collection of coronavirus science from AGA journals

AGA journals are fast tracking new research to help GIs, and the larger health care community, understand how this virus impacts the digestive tract and GI patients. See the latest in our cross-journal collection on COVID-19.

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