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Physicians & Scientists Outside of North America

Membership is open to physicians, surgeons, scientists and other persons residing outside North America who meet one or more of the following criteria and have one of the following degrees or certifications (MD, PhD, ScD, DVM, DO or equivalent):

  • A physician or scientist with a faculty appointment in gastroenterology.
  • Published articles clearly related to gastroenterology in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Completed an analogous postgraduate training program outside of North America in gastroenterology.
  • A demonstrated professional commitment to gastroenterology, such as through membership in a national society with a special interest in peer-reviewed gastroenterology, specialized practice or function in gastroenterology, research, participation in training of physicians in gastroenterology, or other evidence as may be applicable.
$450 Annual Dues*
$205 | $55 | $40
Corresponding I, II
& Affiliate Memberships

*See prorated dues chart

Application Fee: $40 | $25 | $25

PDF Application

AGA offers GI physicians and scientists the option to join as an International Member to receive journals by mail and online or if residing in certain countries (based on World Bank Country Classification) the option to join as an International Corresponding Member for reduced dues and to receive AGA journals online-only. There is also the option to become an International Affiliate Member for only $40 per year. 


International Membership

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GI physicians and scientists who reside outside of North America and wish to receive benefits that include journals by mail and online as well as discounts to Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) can join as International members.

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International Corresponding Membership

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Corresponding members receive the same benefits as international members with the exception that journal subscriptions are online only.

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Eligible Countries

AGA is dedicated to providing resources for gastroenterologists around the world. As part of this mission, we introduced a new international tiered dues structure that gives members in developing countries access to full international membership benefits at a reduced rate. 

The reduced dues eligibility is determined using the World Bank’s country classifications. The list of eligible countries is updated annually prior to billing for the upcoming year's dues.

If your country of residence is listed below, you are eligible to choose from the following membership types:

International Corresponding Membership

  • Category I – $205*
  • Category II – $55*

Residents of Mexico please view your options.

* Application fee ($25) is nonrefundable.

Category I — Countries in International Corresponding Member

Albania Fiji Palau
Algeria Gabon Paraguay
American Samoa Georgia Peru
Angola Grenada Romania
Argentina Guyana Russia
Azerbaijan Iran Serbia
Belarus Iraq South Africa
Belize Jamaica Sri Lanka
Bosnia and Herzego Kazakhstan St. Lucia
Botswana Kosovo St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Brazil Lebanon Suriname
Bulgaria Libya Thailand
China Macedonia Turkey
Colombia Malaysia Turkmenistan
Costa Rica Maldives Tuvalu
Croatia Marshall Islands Venezuela
Cuba Mauritius  
Dominica Mexico  
Dom. Republic Montenegro  
Ecuador Namibia  
Equatorial Guine Nauru  

Category II — Countries in International Corresponding Member

Afghanistan Haiti Philippines
Angola Honduras Rwanda
Armenia India Samoa
Bangeldesh Indonesia Sao Tome & Principe
Benin Jordan Senegal
Bhutan Kenya Sierra Leone
Bolivia Kiribati Solomon Islands
Burkina Faso Korea, Dem. Rep. Somalia
Burundi Kyrqyz Republic South Sudan
Cabo Verde Laos Sudan
Cambodia Lesotho Swaziland
Cameroon Liberia Syrian Arab Republic
Cent. African Republic Madagascar Tajikstan
Chad Malawi Tanzania
Comoros Mali Timor-Leste
Congo, Dem. Rep. Mauritania Togo
Congo, Rep. Micronesia Tonga
Cote D'Ivoire Moldova Tunisia
Djibouti Mongolia Uganda
Egypt Morocco Ukraine
El Salvador Mozambique Uzbekistan
Eritrea Myanmar Vanautu
Ethiopia Nepal Vietnam
Gambia Nicaragua West Bank & Gaza
Ghana Niger Yemen
Guatemala Nigeria Zambia
Guinea Pakistan Zimbabwe
Guinea-Bisau Papua New Guinea  

International Affiliate Membership

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Affiliate members receive the same benefits as international members with the following exceptions: (1) Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) savings are not included and (2) journals may be purchased separately at a discounted rate:

  • Gastroenterology: $376/year
  • Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology: $85/year

Please indicate your selection of journals on your application for membership.

Apply NowPDF Application

Stay up to date with the latest GI news and research.

*Note: Online subscriptions for international members, category I & II. Subscriptions not included for international affiliate members (available for purchase at a discount).

Connect and engage with colleagues who share your passions and face similar challenges.

  • AGA Community: a private, member-only forum, directory and resource library.
  • Section affiliations: Thirteen special interest groups. AGA members can join up to six.
  • Committees: Groups of volunteer members assigned a mission and set of responsibilities associated with a particular area within the association. You must apply or be nominated for a committee appointment.
  • Academy of Educators: The home for educators within AGA.
  • Social media: Interact with AGA through a variety of social networks.
  • AGA website: Access members-only resources and stay connected all day, every day.
  • AGA Young Delegates: A group of engaged GIs gaining experience through work on short-term AGA initiatives.

Improve your skill set with access to a variety of educational opportunities offered free or at a discount.

  • Digestive Disease Week® (DDW): The world’s largest gathering of GI professionals and one of the top 50 medical meetings.
  • AGA Postgraduate Course: AGA Institute’s flagship educational course covering both basic science and clinical topics.
  • DDSEP®: A diverse learning platform that allows you to prepare for the GI board exam, assess your knowledge and keep current on GI advances.
  • AGA University: Your home for in-person meetings, webinars and other educational tools designed to help you stay current with advances in the GI field.

Save Money by taking advantage of special promotions through AGA's affinity partners.

  • UpToDate® is the online, continuously updated clinical-decision support resource that gastroenterologists trust to for reliable clinical answers. Learn more about the exclusive offer for AGA members.


Join AGA and Save

Gastroenterology -$968
CGH -$525
GI & Hepatology News -$230
TIGE -$237
DDSEP® -$200
DDW® -$490
  Total Savings: $2,650

Journal prices are 2020 rates.

Where International Members Live

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Roughly 25 percent of all AGA members live outside the U.S. This is a significant demographic of AGA membership and one that AGA is very interested in expanding.

International AGA members live in 108 countries all over the world. The chart below shows the number of AGA members from each country (as of June 2017):

Canada 579 Japan 408 Australia 332
United Kingdom 191 Mexico 190 Germany 167
Netherlands 133 India 115 Switzerland 100
Brazil 93 Italy 90 Belgium 77
Israel 69 Republic of Korea 57 Thailand 57
Ireland 54 France 49 Spain 44
Argentina 43 Pakistan 34 Taiwan 34
Colombia 31 Peru 30 Singapore 30
Iran 29 New Zealand 29 Greece 27
Nigeria 26 Sweden 26 Egypt 24
Denmark 22 Romania 22 China 21
Saudi Arabia 21 Norway 19 Austria 18
Hong Kong 18 Philippines 18 Turkey 18
South Africa 16 Portugal 14 United Arab Emirates 14
Poland 13 Czech Republic 12 Guatemala 12
Chile 11 Dominican Republic 11 Ecuador 11
Finland 10 Russia 10 Kenya 9
Ukraine 9 Malaysia 8 Qatar 7
Serbia 7 El Salvador 6 Honduras 6
Hungary 6 Kuwait 6 Panama 6
Indonesia 5 Nicaragua 5 Cyprus 4
Jordan 4 Lebanon 4 Bahrain 3
Iraq 3 Korea, DR 3 Latvia 3
Slovenia 3 Sri Lanka 3 Uruguay 3
Vietnam 3 Albania 2 Barbados 2
Brunei Darussalam 2 Bulgaria 2 Costa Rica 2
Iceland 2 Netherlands Antilles 2 Palestine 2
Sudan 2 Tunisia 2 Venezuela 2
Aruba 1 Bangladesh 1 Belize 1
Bermuda 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 Botswana 1
Cameroon 1 Cote d'Ivoire 1 Croatia 1
Cuba 1 Ghana 1 Haiti 1
Jamaica 1 Kosovo 1 Mozambique 1
Myanmar 1 Oman 1 Paraguay 1
Slovakia 1 Trinidad and Tobago 1 Uzbekistan 1