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December 19, 2018

Thank you to our Community moderators

Meet the 60 experts who reviewed your clinical questions in the Community this year.

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A diverse team of experts moderated the challenging patient cases you shared this year within the AGA Community, AGA’s member-only online networking platform. They worked behind the scenes to provide professional insight into over 130 clinical questions and patient scenarios posted within the forum.

As 2018 comes to a close, we want to recognize those 60 experts who have stayed on top of latest research in the field as well as conversations happening in the forum. Thank you for dedicating your limited availability to support your peers and promote forward-thinking with GI patients!

Here are the 2018 AGA Community Expert Moderators:

    • Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, AGAF
    • Alexander Khoruts, MD
    • Aline Charabaty, MD
    • Anisa Shaker, MD
    • Antonio Mendoza Ladd, MD, FASGE
    • Ashwani K. Singal, MD, MS, FACG, FAASLD
    • Ashwin Ananthakrishnan, MD, MPH
    • Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, MS
    • Benjamin Tharian, MD
    • Brian R. Boulay, MD, MPH
    • Bryan Sauer, MD, MSc
    • C. Prakash Gyawali, MD, MRCP, AGAF
    • C. Richard Boland, MD, AGAF
    • Chien-Huan Chen, MD, PhD, AGAF
    • Christina Ha, MD
    • Christopher DiMaio, MD, AGAF
    • Daniel Wild, MD, AGAF
    • Dario Sorrentino, MD
    • Darrell Pardi, MD, MSc, AGAF
    • David J. Levinthal, MD, PhD
    • Deborah Proctor, MD, AGAF
    • Dmitriy Kedrin, MD, PhD
    • Douglas Robertson, MD, MPH, AGAF
    • Edaire Cheng, MD
    • Eric Ganguly, MD, AGAF
    • Eugene F. Yen, MD, FACG
    • Folasade P. May, MD, PhD
    • G. Nicholas Verne, MD, AGAF
    • Gary W. Falk, MD, MS, AGAF
    • Gyanprakash Ketwaroo, MD
    • Ikuo Hirano, MD, AGAF
    • Jatin Roper, MD
    • Jewel Samadder, MD, MS
    • Joel Rubenstein, MD, AGAF
    • John Inadomi, MD
    • Jonathan D. Kaunitz, MD, AGAF
    • Joseph Feuerstein, MD
    • Joshua Melson, MD
    • Kathryn Peterson, MD, MSc (Epid) 
    • Kim Barrett, PhD, AGAF
    • Laura Harrell Raffals, MD, MS
    • Mayur Brahmania, MD, FRCPC, MPH
    • Michael Camilleri, MD, AGAF
    • Michael R. Mills, MD, MPH, FASGE, FACG, AGAF
    • Michael Ryan, MD
    • Michael Vaezi, MD, PhD, MSc
    • Miguel Malespin, MD
    • Neelendu Dey, MD
    • Peter Kahrilas, MD, AGAF
    • Rajeev Jain, MD, AGAF
    • Seth Crockett, MD, MPH
    • Shazia Siddique, MD
    • Srinadh Komanduri, MD, AGAF
    • Stephanie Hansel, MD, MS, AGAF
    • Steven Moss, MD, FACG, AGAF
    • Suraia Barclay, MD, AGAF
    • Terrence Barrett, MD
    • Vijay Shah, MD
    • Vladimir Kushnir, MD
    • Xavier Llor, MD, PhD

Join them in the forum by sharing your challenging patient case or providing advice to support the GI community

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