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AGA fights policies that burden GI practices and delay patient care

We asked AGA members to help define our advocacy priorities for 2022. Coming in at #1 is reducing the administrative burdens that delay patient care.
Capitol Building
Capitol Building

On a daily basis, AGA works to advance public policies that support you and your patients. To ensure we are focused on the issues that impact you most, we recently conducted a member survey to define our public policy priorities for 2022.

The results were clear — administrative burdens have increased significantly the past five years and are negatively impacting your patients.

As voted by members, here are our top advocacy priorities for 2022:

The fight against prior auth is underway!

Our current priority is getting the Improving Seniors Timely Access to Care Act passed, which would reduce prior authorization burdens in Medicare Advantage. A few highlights of this act are a “real-time” prior authorization approval process and minimized use of prior authorization for routinely approved items and services.

You can help make this happen. Use our online system to urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor this bill — it takes only a few minutes.

Interested in playing a bigger role in our 2022 advocacy?

Join the AGA Congressional Advocates Program, a national grassroots network of engaged gastroenterologists advocating for our profession and patients.

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