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New tools available to encourage patients to “Trust Your Gut”

Help your patients speak up about their GI and bowel symptoms.
Trust Your Gut patient logo
Trust Your Gut patient logo

Nearly 70 million Americans experience digestive issues that interrupt their daily lives. But did you know that 15% would rather discuss politics with a relative? Or that 22% would prefer to reveal their weight instead of discussing uncomfortable GI symptoms with a health care provider? Let’s work together to eliminate embarrassment and help patients talk about their bowel symptoms.

Trust Your Gut, a new resource available in the AGA GI Patient Center, provides tools that health care providers can share with patients about uncomfortable GI symptoms or bowel habits. The information guides patients along the process to take control of their health and includes:

  • The “know your normal” checklist.

  • Questions to ask their health care provider.

Share Trust Your Gut with your patients to help them speak up about bowel symptoms and seek professional treatment instead of suffering in silence.

The AGA Trust Your Gut campaign is supported by a sponsorship from Janssen.

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