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March 25, 2019

New technologies changing the GI industry

Save up to $175 by registering for the AGA Tech Summit by April 8.

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Technology plays a dominant role in our lives, and as new technologies are introduced to the field of gastroenterology, GI’s must consider how to adopt them to help improve patient care.


During the past few years, gastroenterologists have started using artificial intelligence to help with computer-aided detection and data-driven clinical decision making. GI’s are using virtual reality simulators for training. New endoscopic methods are being devised for treating anti-reflux disease. And, mobile apps may allow patients to schedule, prep and assess results of a GI procedure.



As emerging technologies become more influential on clinical practices, how they impact GI’s will be highlighted during the 2019 AGA Tech Summit, to be held April 10-12, in San Francisco. Join leading GI technology experts, physician entrepreneurs, medical technology industry executives, regulatory agency representatives and venture capitalists as they discuss what’s happening now and debate about what’s happening next.


For the past decade, the AGA Tech Summit has been the place where innovators, entrepreneurs and technology experts converge to discuss and explore the latest in inventions, discoveries and approaches to GI care. As an attendee, you will gain a better understanding of how technological advances will impact GI practice, and you will have a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with individuals who you might not meet at other venues. Save up to $175 by registering by April 8.



Do you have an idea or device and are not sure what to do next? The Tech Summit hosts an Entrepreneur/Innovator Package for GI innovators where you can have one-on-one meetings with experts in the GI space including venture capitalists, federal regulators, intellectual property attorneys, physician innovators and medical device executives. Learn more at



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